Our vision is that St. Helen’s Primary School will be a community of faith and learning where mutual respect and tolerance are expected and encouraged, enabling all members of the school community to realise their full potential.

The values of the Gospel underpin the work of our school. We aspire to: -

  • Grow in faithfulness to God
  • Respect the dignity of all
  • Treat others fairly
  • Act honestly
  • Work in service of others

The school’s aims are shared and agreed by staff, parents and children.

  • To create a happy, secure and nurturing environment for all.
  • To provide a broad, balanced and well-planned curriculum which offers rich and rewarding learning experiences to meet the needs of our children.
  • To encourage excellence and high standards of achievement.
  • To continue to develop a partnership with parents, parish and the wider community – by valuing their support, maintaining clear lines of communication and being responsive to their views and enquiries.

As a Roman Catholic primary school St Helen’s works closely with our parish of St Dominic’s, Bishopbriggs to support and promote the faith development of our children. The Parish Priest, Fr Monaghan, supports the school to develop the religious education curriculum and to implement the national programme “This Is Our Faith”. We also work together and with parents to prepare the children for the Sacraments of First Confession, First Communion and Confirmation. We attend Mass each month and on Holy Days of Obligation as well as celebrating events and services together throughout the year.