There is a school cafeteria where main meals and snacks can be purchased. Special diets are available on application to the school. 

Menus are given out at the start of the school year by East Dunbartonshire Council. 

For safety reasons parents are asked to ensure that the children do not carry glass containers, cans, or very hot liquids to school. 

We do not allow our children to go to the local shops at lunchtime.  

The Education Committee normally reviews cafeteria costs at the start of the financial year in April and any changes in prices will be sent to you by letter. 

Children of parents receiving income support or income based job seekers allowance are entitled to a free midday meal. Children of parents who are in receipt of child tax credit may also be eligible. A new combined online application form for free school meals, free nursery meals and school clothing grants was launched in July 2020.